Understanding the Concept of Weight Control

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There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that weight loss is one of the hottest topics since it concerns almost everyone in the whole world. It is always discussed in magazine, TV shows, radio, and blogs and so on. Studies have proven that obesity is continually rising fast anywhere in the world.

Based on the study that got released in October 2007 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing the number of Americans who has become obese. Obese can be defined as having a body weight of more than 30 percent of the ideal body weight. The numbers soared from about one in eight in 1991 to nearly one in five in 2004. In general, population of obese men and women in the United States grew from 12 percent in 1991 to 17.9 percent in 2004, according to the CDC survey.

Gaining weight or gaining fat can be obtained from the result of several factors. However, diet and exercise always needed. A diet lacking in essential nutrients, skipping meals, or just eating too much can result to severe complications. Likewise, lack of exercise means that the body does not have any way of burning the calories that a person takes each day.

Most people are just limiting themselves to the times that they are exercising that they are able to do.  Therefore, it is vital to monitor and control their eating habits so that they could avoid weight gain. Carrying extra pounds puts an incredible stress on the whole body. When a person is fat, every system of the body affected. The circulatory system needs to build more blood vessels in order to feed the extra fat. The muscles and skeletal system tends to wear out more rapidly as it is supporting extra weight. The respiratory system needs to work harder so that it could bring more oxygen to a larger area. If nothing is done, there would come a time when the weight would cause health problems.

High blood pressure, diabetes, heart and vascular disease are the results of not taking care of the body. A change in nutritional habits at any stage in life would help to regulate the problem. Increasing time doing some exercises or simply adding more physical activity to the daily routine aid the body in fighting weight gain.

Exercise is the method of increasing the amount of movement that the body does. Bending, twisting, moving your arms, walking around the block — all the said activities helps in burning calories, help build lean muscle mass and boost your metabolism. Just adding a few minutes of movement each day is going to help but remember that consistency is the key to having a fit and healthy body.

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