Understanding Leukemia a little more

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Most people thought that Leukemia is cancer of the blood. In reality, it more than that, it begins with the tissue that generates blood, which results in abnormal white cells. The infected blood cells do not die as ordinary blood cells, and swamp the normal red and white cells also the platelets, which gives makes these cells a hard time doing their job. These abnormal white cells called Leukemia cells and once that they carry on crowding out the normal cells and platelets cause the premature death of anyone suffering from the disease.

There are two major types of Leukemia, chronic and acute, progressing slowly and rapidly correspondingly. During the early stages of Chronic Leukemia, the abnormal cells are still able to work together with the normal cells, notwithstanding at a reduced rate. As there are no premature acceptable symptoms, this type diagnosed at a habitual health check. Afterwards, as the abnormal cells have reached a critical point, sufferers may notice that their lymph nodes enlarged or recurring infections. The abnormal cells in Acute Leukemia can not do any work that normal cells can do, and increases at an alarming rate. These two kinds of Leukemia then split into further types that depend on where they present themselves. The types that appear in the Lymphoid cells are Lymphocytic, Lymphoid or Lymphoblastic. The Leukemias in the Myeloid cells are Myelogenous, Myeloid or Myeloblastic.

As of now, no one can predict who is going to have leukemia since it happens all of a sudden that the infected person got shocked that they have leukemia. Some people get infected while some people with similar lifestyle do not get infected. There are lots of theories, but none of them got proof that their theory is factual. Smoking widely considered as a major cause of Cancer, in this case acute Myeloid Leukemia, but there are many non smokers who acquire it, and many smokers who do not. Another theory has something to do with inherited diseases, and there sometimes appears to be a family link with Cancer, but no one can still predict who is going to have the dreaded disease. In reality, those, considered as a high risk, tend not to develop the said disease.

Treating Leukemia got different ways. It mainly depends on the Leukemia type. The age of the person also has something to say about the treatment, and whether or not the Leukemia cells were introduced in the fluid created from a spinal tap. The main treatments besieged therapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, stem cell or bone marrow transplant and radiotherapy. The same thing can be applied to all kinds of Cancers since early detection is vital.

Understanding Leukemia a little more
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