Types of Incontinence Products On The Market

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For those with urinary incontinence, it is very valuable to know what products are available to you and where you can find them. The easiest and most convenient place they are available is in a place which many people might not think to initially look: online. Just as with many products, urinary incontinence products are available on the internet. However, it is important that you do your due diligence and research and only buy from reputable suppliers. Doing otherwise is risky and can easily and quickly become more trouble than it is worth. The first place many people look is for incontinence products online . Allegro has been in the industry for over a decade and has a seemingly limitless supply of products, information, and reviews available on their sites.

There are also a number of underwear and pants products which will absorb leaked urine, prevent and limit odors, and prevent and visible wetness on the outside of the underwear and pants (the most important aspect for many using these products. And just as there are with most products, there are a number of different varieties available to you. Not only are there different sizes and brands, but there are also different styles of underwear and pants:

Male boxer shorts—male boxer shorts for the purposes of urinary incontinence resemble regular male boxer shorts, but they obviously have built in advantages and benefits. These are for men who prefer to wear the looser fitting boxer shorts over briefs or tight underwear, and they can be washed in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes and underwear. These have pads built into them, as most of these products do, which are supposed to be both comfortable and absorbent without being uncomfortable or visible.

Pouch pants—these pouch pants are made to resemble normal, regular underwear. Unlike the boxer shorts, these do not have a pad built into them. Instead, these have a pouch for a pad to be put into. The pads themselves are usually available either with the pouch pants or individually, and they can be either disposable or reusable types. The pads can be replaced as often as you need them, whether they are disposable or not. The benefit of the pouch pants is that they are normally considered the most comfortable type of pants or underwear, and they can also be washed and reused.

Male briefs or pants—male pants or male briefs, as they are sometimes called, look like briefs but, just like the male boxers, have a pad built into them to absorb leakage and prevent odors. These also have a dry layer, so they not only ensure that wetness does not become visible, but they also make sure that same wetness does not irritate the skin.

Male guards and pads—just as important as the pants and underwear mentioned above are the pads themselves. These male guards are either disposable or reusable pads which are what make the pants different from other ordinary clothing. They are secured onto the pants above or onto normal underwear by adhesive strips, and they are crucial to the process of controlling and preventing the leakage and making your life more comfortable and much more stress free. The pads will absorb and leakage or wetness and will actually turn it into a kind of gel, which acts to prevent the leakage normally associated with such leakage. These are often a popular choice for some men because they can be used with their normal underwear, meaning they do not have to go out and purchase other options.

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