Treating Breast Cancer alternatively

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Breast cancer comes in second place when it comes to leading cause of death by cancer among women.  The majority of women understands the importance of knowing more about the cancer. Finding it at an early stage could mean life or death. Recognizing all the options that are available when it comes in treating the disease is also key since finding the right treatment is going to help immensely to fight breast cancer effectively.

Once that cancer detected during its primary stage, the sooner and more effective treatment is going to be, the initial step is prevention and pre-screening. A monthly self-breast exam considered the easiest way in screening for breast cancer. The procedure is just easy since a woman can do it in her home without any help from anyone. The self-examination is going to give particular attention to any changes in the breast: color or size changes, the appearance of lumps or bumps, and pain or tenderness in one area. Once any of, these issues is found, the person must quickly notify their physician or gynecologist. From then on, more tests needed in order to confirm if it is indeed cancer.

A mammogram, typically suggested for all adult women, is another way to check for breast cancer. The age differs for the people that will be getting mammograms also depend on the person’s risk factors for contracting breast cancer. The procedure is going to help to detect any changes in the breast, which include the formation of tumors or cysts.

Once that the test known as mammogram come up with the positive diagnosis for breast cancer, the first thing that a person must do is to keep his hope high as there are still hope to treat the dreaded disease. Medicine had come far since the time of out grandmothers. What the doctors can not cure back then will not be a problem anymore because of the studies conducted every now and then. The first ones that will be offered is going to most probably be the conventional treatments. Traditional treatments include chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and mastectomies. The said treatments come with risk factors as it has side effects.

For some people, traditional cancer treatment is not an option since there are other treatments that could do the job for curing cancer. There are now even clinics, catering to an individual that seeks alternative treatment methods for breast cancer. Should a person decide in pursuing this option, the first thing that needs to be done is to find a medical practitioner who is going to support them? A licensed physician’s guidance is a must in order to oversee the care.

Nutrition is perhaps the best alternative way in treating cancer since there is no need to introduce new foreign object in the body. These include certain food types, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Haelan is a liquid soy bean extract that can help in blocking cancer-cell blood supplies, boost the immune system, and help reduce the size of tumors. Another is flax seed oil, good for with slowing cancer-cell growth and improving the state of the immune system. Also, removing some food known to cause cancer might help in starving cancer cells.

Electronic or magnetic therapies are modalities that are also showing promise to treat numerous types of cancer, not just breast cancer. These types of treatments include electrotherapy and magnetic resonance. Electrotherapy used in treating tumors in the breast with the help of electrical stimulation. This technique works by destroying the tumor inside the body in a gentle manner. The procedure recommended since it is done with local anesthesia and is not very invasive. Magnetic resonance, temporarily, uses radio waves. Cancer cells are different frequency compared to normal, healthy cells.

Treating Breast Cancer alternatively
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