The Truth Behind Hormone Depletion

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Sometimes in the middle years of life when it seems like everything should be going well, we can start to feel blue, stressed out and off-kilter, as if something we can’t put our finger on is wrong. It’s a fact that hormonal levels go down as we age. After age 35, they go down an average of two percent a year.

Hormonal drops and shifts that are common to both men and women can cause symptoms like:

  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Moodiness and feelings of depression
  • Sensations of brain fogginess
  • Muscles and joints aching
  • In women, hot flashes and night sweats
  • In men, hair loss and thinning
  • For both sexes, feelings of lowered libido and drive
  • Unexplained weight gain, possibly from a slower metabolism
  • Not sleeping as well

All these symptoms of hormone depletion combine to take some of the joy we’d like to experience out of life. There are beneficial hormonal therapy regimens that can be used, along with things we know will help like healthy diet and regular exercise. Hormone therapy for men and women can make a huge difference in quality and enjoyment of life.

Hormones That Are Usually Depleted With Age

Common hormones that we find are depleted from our bodies with the aging process include:

– Testosterone – Necessary for both men and women to feel their best. Testosterone can help in the prevention of issues like heart problems and osteoporosis, and it helps the body to naturally build muscle. Testosterone can also help improve libido for both men and women.

– Growth Hormone – An essential hormone for helping to build and regrow body tissue, lowering factors like blood pressure and cholesterol, and can enhance a person’s quality of sleep, memory and ability to focus on tasks at hand. Growth hormones also help counteract the troublesome signs of aging.

– Estrogen – Serves to make the brain function better and more clearly, improves libido and desire, relieves troubling menopause symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, decreased energy and feelings of lethargy.

– Progesterone – Acts naturally as an aid to alleviate symptoms of menopause and PMS, while improving the body’s ability to use fat instead of storing it. Progesterone also has natural antidepressant properties and may help protect against certain types of cancer, like uterine cancer.

– Thyroid Hormone – Assists a body with using the foods we eat as fuel by regulating metabolism. This can help enhance our efforts to stay at a healthier weight as we age. Cells are replenished and energy is increased with the proper balance of thyroid hormones.

– Melatonin – Supports better quality of sleep, while it also acts as a natural antioxidant, helps keep inflammation in check and may help protect some people against certain illnesses that are degenerative.

– DHEA and hCG – Lets us experience less fatigue, reduces high levels of cholesterol, improves mental fogginess and depression. These hormones can also help improve libido.

Improving Hormone Levels Leads To Better Health

Replacing these essential hormones and bringing them back to an optimal level is the goal of hormone therapy for men and women. Helping improve health and quality of life are often the best effects of natural hormonal therapy. Bioidentical hormone therapy derives these beneficial hormones from natural sources like soy and yam. They match the hormones produced by nature, giving you all the benefits of a good hormonal balance without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Once a person finds that they’re in the throes of health problems caused by hormone depletion, it’s natural to turn to medical science for help. Often times, prescribed medications are not the answer one needs to solve a hormone depletion problem.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Be A Better Alternative

Natural, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has benefits that are tailored in an individual way to a person’s specific needs. When hormones are the right ones and are administered in the correct amounts, they are easily absorbed by and used by the body for better results. To see improved energy, a natural immune system boost and to simply feel better with aging, hormone therapy for men and women can be beneficial.

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