The Health Benefits of Massage

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You’ve heard your friends rave about their massages. As a result, you start to think that perhaps your associates are on to something. After all, they look great, have more energy, and their mood has been enhanced. You then decide to make your own massage appointment. As you ponder your upcoming massage experience you may wonder if there are actual health benefits to therapeutic massages. Furthermore, one friend may insist you have the therapist bask you in massage oil, while another may say lotions are the way to go. Your personal massage therapist has the answers to all of your questions.

Once you enter the massage salon you quickly realize you have made the right choice. You will be pampered beyond your wildest dreams. Your therapist is the expert and can perform the type of massage you need to revitalize your body and mind. The best salons are very selective in the products they use. It is likely she receives her oils, creams, and lotions, quality is indeed important and they only offer the best products.
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Massage used to be reserved for only the wealthy or famous. Today, in our wireless and stress driven world, average people are now opting for massage. A New York Times article reveals that some airports are now offering massage services to weary and anxious air travelers. Certainly flying these days is an exercise filled with stress. There are security lines to contend with, and we are all conscious of airborne terror threats. Too much stress can lead to serious health problems. Now, you can now escape from the reality of life right in the airport.

Massage therapists are trained professionals who specialize in relieving tight muscles and joints. Having quality equipment, tools, and lubricants are key to running a successful massage spa. In addition, it is important that the therapist convey the new found health benefits massage offers to their clients. A 2007 American Massage Therapy Association survey states that almost a quarter of all adults in the United States received at least one massage. Baby boomers especially are starting to realize there are medical reasons to get massages.

WebMD tells us that massage relieves tension and is instrumental in the recovery from injuries. Back pain just might be the most common ailment. Yet, massage is more helpful in relieving chronic back pain than acupuncture. Moreover, we now know massage can help combat depression, anxiety, worry, and in some cases lowers blood pressure. Suffer from migraines? Many people have found headache relief through massage. Even cancer patients are benefiting from massages. This is because massage promotes a feeling of well-being. As a result, the patient may feel less nauseous and fatigue from their cancer treatments.

When your therapist is equipped with the right massage tables and massage chairs patients leave spas healthier. The spa that connects with a supplier who offers a wide range of lubricants, such as lavender, Swedish, Bamboo Silk, and all natural lotions along with quality oils and creams the patient is the beneficiary. Whether your reason for receiving a massage is to relieve stress or to simply relax, you are also promoting good health at the same time.


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