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Diabetes and Weight Control

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Diabetes and Weight Control Millions of people suffering from diabetes from all over the world successfully live their lives to the fullest because they can control diabetes. The secret lies with monitoring blood sugar levels and properly controlling their carbohydrate intake. The inability of the body’s cells in producing or utilizing insulin required to break down sugars and carbohydrates causes of both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes. Such condition can lead to dangerously high levels of glucose that floats around in the bloodstream, a condition called glycemia. Since there is no cure for diabetes, people who suffer from the disease must always monitor glucose levels in their blood several times a day. A lot of commercially produced blood monitors are available and can be bought from your doctor or... Info

Diet needed to control Stress and Hypoglycemia

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Diet needed to control Stress and Hypoglycemia Stress is Unavoidable There is always a possibility that Stress and hypoglycemia may arise. Nothing can stop it from arising, it is unavoidable. Although, there are days that it would be better than most, but it will always happen – albeit in varying degrees. Though there is no way to control some of the stress-causing adversities and obstacles people encounter, it can be control through how well people can cope on the daily stress. One of the fundamental ways in which we do this is through watching the food intake as it could lower the blood sugar thus avoiding hypoglycemia from occurring. Substances to Avoid It is crucial to know that some food may contribute to hypoglycemia that might be the cause of the stress experience by a person. Written below are some of the... Info