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Stages and Treatment for Colon Cancer

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Stages and Treatment for Colon Cancer Colon cancer is a seriously deadly disease, in particular, if diagnosed too late. However, treatment success for those has the disease had increased, as has the survival rate. This is because of early prevention together with the development of new therapies for colon cancer. Furthermore, many early made diagnosis colon cancer patients, if treated promptly, reported in order to achieve a full recovery from the disease. The course of therapy differs according to patients with regards to the treatment of colon cancer. There are a number of factors considered that include the state of health of patients and the location and the size of the tumor, in addition to the severity of, colon cancer measured by Oncologists (doctors specialized in cancer diagnosis and treatment) to choose a... Info

High Fiber Food intake helps reduce Colon Cancer Occurence

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High Fiber Food intake helps reduce Colon Cancer Occurence Everyone knew that fiber can do wonders for our body. It seems that fiber is not only beneficial for cleaning inside of our body, but it could also lower the occurrence of colon cancer. The statement come from the research from Britain and the Netherlands that examined no less than 25 studies on the subject. Total fiber intake, and fiber that came from whole grains that include cereals were most connected with a lower colorectal cancer risk, as fiber from fruits, veggies and legumes were not quite as beneficial in terms of lowering cancer risk. That does not mean that people should cut their fruit and vegetables intake. There simply was not any study regarding the risk of colon cancer to fruits and vegetables. Maybe, there was not enough data. When people cut on... Info

Ginger for fighting cancer

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Ginger for fighting cancer Some intriguing, but preliminary, study on foods to fight cancer and colon cancer. The research shows that supplement that comes from ginger reduce inflammation that can be found in the colon. This work is an initial step to find out if the compounds found in the ginger root might also prevent cancer of the colon. As the study acknowledged as being well done, exciting even, it is still early in the game. The lead study author claims there are many cell culture studies that have proven that ginger is a good inflammatory medicine for cancer. For the study, mouse got exposed to colon cancer forming chemical.  Later on, the rodents were given with ginger roots to eat. The mice that were given ginger roots show no sign of colon cancer. Ginger is part of Asian cuisine for... Info