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Treating Breast Cancer alternatively

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Treating Breast Cancer alternatively Breast cancer comes in second place when it comes to leading cause of death by cancer among women.  The majority of women understands the importance of knowing more about the cancer. Finding it at an early stage could mean life or death. Recognizing all the options that are available when it comes in treating the disease is also key since finding the right treatment is going to help immensely to fight breast cancer effectively. Once that cancer detected during its primary stage, the sooner and more effective treatment is going to be, the initial step is prevention and pre-screening. A monthly self-breast exam considered the easiest way in screening for breast cancer. The procedure is just easy since a woman can do it in her home without any help from anyone. The... Info

Can Red Clover be used in treating cancer?

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Can Red Clover be used in treating cancer? It is said that red clover extract can act in such a manner as to inhibit estrogen, but also raise the production and increase of ER positive breast cancer cells. What is confusing about this herbal medicine is the fact that it can do some good and also some bad things for the person using it on treating their cancer.  It appears the result depends on the situation as this herb might  either advance or stop cancer. An isoflavone present in red clover known as biochina a is thought to protect the body from progressing breast cancer.  However, no one has proven this as there still have to be more studies done in evaluating and in determining whether or not this information is true. In contrast to the paragraph above, it has been shown that when it comes to prostate cancer, red clover... Info