Incontinence Products That Let You Stay Active

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There are many myths that exist about incontinence. Some people believe it’s a disease, or that it’s to be expected after childbirth. Many believe that it’s a natural part of aging. To dispel the myths, get to the facts, and learn how to manage incontinence is the most important way to deal with it properly.

Changes inside the body contribute to different forms of incontinence that plague people. For this reason, aging is most often blamed, when several other factors influence the weakening of pelvic muscles. A chronic cough, enlarged prostate, and even smoking all affect your body on the inside in ways never realized before. It is not a disease, but rather a symptom of an underlying issue. Nor is it experienced by every new mother, but it is by some, with the weight of an infant constantly pressing on the bladder muscles in the womb, they can surely be weakened. Perhaps the worst myth of all is that those suffering incontinence cannot live an active life. Allegro Medical incontinence products have a superior range of products to manage whatever level of incontinence you may be experiencing so you can get out and be as active as you want to be.

For intermittent incontinence, as may be the case for new mothers who may get a little surprise when laughing, simple products like pads or shields may be the solution. Compact and discreet, they are worn as an undergarment liner, and go unnoticed as you go about your daily activities. At Allegro Medical you can find all the popular brands, and they are all ready to be delivered to your door. Some forms of incontinence are more severe, like overflow incontinence. Your brain does not receive the signal that your bladder is full and you experience overflow. Allegro medical can offer heavier protection for those that suffer from this with the same soft comfort for larger accidents that will still keep you dry and discreet. Allegro offers over 150 different adult diapers, so you are sure to find the right size, fit, and absorbency for you.

Some accidents can be prevented, and some can even be predicted, but what about when we sleep? People are most relaxed while sleeping, with no awareness of an accident. To prevent unnecessary laundry and extra mattress cleaning, Allegro Medical offers a wide variety of reusable bed pads, disposable under pads, and complete mattress protectors. When a wet bed should be changed immediately, for instance for those who are immobile, or with existing skin irritation, there are alarms available to wake the person sleeping, or alert the caregiver that the bed needs immediate attention.

Allegro Medical incontinence products do not stop at leakage protection, but extend to prevention, with medicated washcloths, gentle cleansers, and deodorizers to keep your situation under control. Perhaps the best service Allegro offers is the home delivery. With the easy to fill out form, a couple of clicks, and all your incontinence supplies are delivered right to your door. There is even an option for those with living with incontinence to repeat and ship their order automatically as often as needed.

Incontinence Products That Let You Stay Active
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