High Fiber Food intake helps reduce Colon Cancer Occurence

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Everyone knew that fiber can do wonders for our body. It seems that fiber is not only beneficial for cleaning inside of our body, but it could also lower the occurrence of colon cancer. The statement come from the research from Britain and the Netherlands that examined no less than 25 studies on the subject.

Total fiber intake, and fiber that came from whole grains that include cereals were most connected with a lower colorectal cancer risk, as fiber from fruits, veggies and legumes were not quite as beneficial in terms of lowering cancer risk.

That does not mean that people should cut their fruit and vegetables intake. There simply was not any study regarding the risk of colon cancer to fruits and vegetables. Maybe, there was not enough data.

When people cut on the meat that they eat and limit the alcohol that they drink, they are also limiting the chance of colon cancer risk. Though fiber known to be beneficial for us, its connection with colorectal cancer, not like heart disease, is less well researched.

This was the motivation for the team of researchers in scouring the medical literature so that they could find 25 well constructed, scientifically sound studies that included over 2 million subjects and looked at combined data.

The comparison got made between groups who had the highest level of fiber intake daily and those that had the lowest amount of fiber. The amounts differ depending on the study, but when the team compared groups who are eating the lowest amounts with those who eat more, they saw the vast difference.

The team found out that there was a 10 percent risk reduction in cancer of the colon for every 10gm of fiber consumed per day.

Through eating more fiber, the subject lessens the risk of acquiring colon cancer. This is a connection and not because of cause and effect. More than 141,000 novel cases of cancer of the colon expected to be diagnosed in the United States.

According to researchers, the more amount of fiber that an individual eats the better.

People from the US do not get enough fibers that they should be eating. Most of them take in about 15 grams a day, far below the suggested 25 gms of fiber per day for women, 38 grams a day for men. As a point of reference, a slice of wheat bread brings 2 gm of fiber and one cup of oatmeal comes with double that, or 4 grams of fiber.

Eating enough fibers brings numerous benefits that include the following.

1. it improved the cholesterol levels

2. Allows easy control of blood sugar

3. lessens the risk of hemorrhoids and diverticular disease

4. Less constipation

5. Aids in weight loss

High Fiber Food intake helps reduce Colon Cancer Occurence
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