Ginger for fighting cancer

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Some intriguing, but preliminary, study on foods to fight cancer and colon cancer. The research shows that supplement that comes from ginger reduce inflammation that can be found in the colon.

This work is an initial step to find out if the compounds found in the ginger root might also prevent cancer of the colon. As the study acknowledged as being well done, exciting even, it is still early in the game.

The lead study author claims there are many cell culture studies that have proven that ginger is a good inflammatory medicine for cancer. For the study, mouse got exposed to colon cancer forming chemical.  Later on, the rodents were given with ginger roots to eat. The mice that were given ginger roots show no sign of colon cancer.

Ginger is part of Asian cuisine for many thousands of years. There is a belief that it has something to do with the low incidence of cancer in Asian countries.

It is just natural for researchers to be curious if ginger also has a good effect on people.

To find out about the answer for the question, they gathered 30 healthy adult subjects at random to take capsules of either 2 grams (in eight 250-miligram doses) of powdered ginger root or a replacement powder daily for 28 days. The amount used in the research measures out to be about 30mg of powdered ginger.

Participants given with the ginger powder eat regular meals and were not allowed to take any other drugs, even aspirin or NSAID medications, either prior to, or during the duration of the study as these also recognized for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Tissue samples that come from the colon collected from both groups. The team tested the samples for eicosanoids, a chemical recognized to up inflammation in the digestive system.

The research shows that ginger powder has the means to bring down the number of inflammatory markers found in the tissue, in comparison to the tissue samples from the participants who were given with the placebo. High levels of inflammation in the digestive tissue are very strongly linked with the progress of precancerous lesions, even cancerous polyps.

As the amount of ginger used in the study was bigger than what the average American might take in as part of our daily diet, in India, China and Japan people eat that much in a daily basis. Scientist is not still sure if it is just coincidence that people from these countries has less people suffering from colorectal cancers.

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