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Anyone who has ever had a body, hydro, or reflexology massage, knows that aromatherapy is a tool used most by all professional massage therapists. Touch and smell are possibly our two most acute senses. Aromatherapy has long been known for its calming and relaxing effects, and when added to therapeutic or relaxing massage, the results of your experience are increased exponentially.

Along with soft light, different scents can be used to create calming atmospheres, and a relaxing warmth, specifically geared for each guest. New Life Systems massage and spa supplies include an extensive selection of aromatherapy supplies and accessories that are suitable for any size spa or salon. Whether a large corporate full service spa, or a small business specializing in sports or therapeutic massage, the need to create a private relaxation space for each guest is of utmost importance, and saving money on name brand products to pamper them with is always a great thing.

At New Life, you can get everything you need to create the environment you want for your clients. Many people believe there is no softer light than one from the flame of a candle. Strategically placed pillar candles in your massage space are all you need to create an inviting and calming atmosphere. New Life carries several soy pillars to choose from, as well as flameless candles for those who prefer. An impressive item is the set of rechargeable, flameless votives that are perfect for the salon. Spas can stop spending hundreds of dollars on the tiny candles, and instead stock up on the wide selection offered at New Life. Another impressive item is the Himalayan Salt Lamps that give off a gentle amber glow, and help to purify the air in the room they occupy.

Most spas today employ the use of electric diffusers for the dispersal of essential oils into the air. New Life carries several professional grade scent diffusers, along with all the components necessary for mixing. You can easily save money on the accessories and various oils. Different scents can be used to soothe everything from headaches to stress, and muscle and joint discomfort too. Be prepared at your salon for every guest that comes through your door with the complete Deluxe Aromatherapy Kit. You can afford to have one on hand at all times.

New Life is a complete one stop shop for all your aromatherapy and massage needs. Over 250 skin oils, lotions, and creams are available for you to purchase from name brands that are reputable and trustworthy. You will be able to order an entire shopping list of salon products with some clicks of your mouse, filling out a simple form on a secure payment site, and then just waiting for the products to be delivered to your door. All of the top massage products are available through New Life Systems, and that of course includes Biotone and Lotus Touch.  Massage Kits are offered that include several products from your favorite brands.

Watch your customer base grow as word gets around that you give all of your client’s first class service by using the high quality products from New Life. You will enjoy being able to focus on your clients instead of running out to the supply stores all the time.


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