Flaxseed – An Essential Means for Women’s Health

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For women, flaxseed oil got a lot of health benefits that include reduces the risk of breast cancer, regulates periods, reduces all symptoms of menopause, prevents PMT and strengthens the bones.

Aside from what is already mentioned, there are other health benefits that can be get from taking flaxseed on a regular basis.

Breast cancer is a real problem that occurs to most women, regardless of age of any age or nationality, and flaxseed is the means to reduce the risk. It is the lignan in flaxseed that red cuts the levels of estrogen in the body, and if taken in the seed form it is becoming a great source of fiber.

A book called “Women’s Health-Preventing Breast Cancer the Natural Way” written by Jade Beutler talks about lignan from flaxseed oil and its benefits. The book claims that it has the ingredient to fight tumors, reduces estrogen, is an antioxidant, is both anti viral and anti bacterial also has anti fungal properties.

Flaxseed discovered beneficial in regulating periods; balance progesterone levels and encourage menstruation. This is because of the lignin ingredient which is present in the flaxseed.

For all stages of menopause, flaxseed is going to re-balance the levels of hormones, normalize menstruation, prevent headaches and insomnia, relieves depression and moodiness. In some other studies, researchers found out that it can also lessen the risk of lung disease and post-menopausal type two diabetes.

A lot of women suffering from OMT have found flaxseed oil is beneficial in treating headaches, moodiness, depression, cramping, sore breasts and stomach bloating. It contains high levels of omega three fatty acids contributed to these benefits.

Essential fatty acids help the body with absorption of calcium also assist the body retain it. This makes it an excellent dietary supplement for women who often have an issue with osteoporosis.

Women, taking flaxseed regularly will notice other positive effects that include perfect, glowing skin and healthy hair. Most of the time, problems in such areas come from hormone imbalances, which flaxseed can resolve.

Flaxseed is going to prevent the body from stocking up too much fat because it has a healthy alternative that could burn the calories. This helps people to lose some weight by means of encouraging the body to burn more fat.

Women from all shapes and size can get the benefit from taking flaxseed every day. With so many problems resolved through taking this wondrous seed or oil, it is not only about your current state of health, but is a fantastic pre-emptive for so many problems that affect women most of the time.

Flaxseed – An Essential Means for Women’s Health
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