Diet needed to control Stress and Hypoglycemia

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Stress is Unavoidable

There is always a possibility that Stress and hypoglycemia may arise. Nothing can stop it from arising, it is unavoidable. Although, there are days that it would be better than most, but it will always happen – albeit in varying degrees. Though there is no way to control some of the stress-causing adversities and obstacles people encounter, it can be control through how well people can cope on the daily stress. One of the fundamental ways in which we do this is through watching the food intake as it could lower the blood sugar thus avoiding hypoglycemia from occurring.

Substances to Avoid

It is crucial to know that some food may contribute to hypoglycemia that might be the cause of the stress experience by a person. Written below are some of the things that must be avoided.

• Foremost on the list of substances in reducing or avoid altogether is alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. These substances are more often than not consumed when people engage themselves in unhealthy activities in order to cope with stress. Consuming more than what people can handle of substance like alcohol and nicotine causes health problems that include lung cancer, liver diseases, heart disease, and raised blood pressure. As for caffeine, though it temporarily boosts the alertness, its side effects leads to irritability, fatigue, and depression once that its effects wear off.

• Keep away from food or drinks rich in sugar. Too much sugar in one’s diet might lead to diabetes. Besides that, the crash we feel right after consuming foods rich in sugar can aggravate the stress and the stress-related physical symptoms people are currently experiencing.

• The same thing also applies to too much salt as it could lead to fending off stress and its effects. Excess salt is going to interfere with the proper functioning of the nervous system and intensify an already high blood pressure caused by stress.

Diet Rich Nutrients

A balanced diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, including B-complex vitamins and vitamin C is going to help in boosting the immune system of the body so that it could repel the effects of stress thus increasing its resistance against stress-related symptoms. B-complex vitamins are necessary so that the nervous system functions properly. Also, it is a critical element in other vital processes of the body.  Vitamin C raises the resistance in opposition to certain infections and illnesses. A daily diet must always include sufficient amounts of these nutrients. Taking extra supplement helps to make up the shortage in the recommended daily allowance.

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