Clinical Negligence – offense on the medical field

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Negligence is something that can not be tolerated on a job since all the people that are working on that job is going to be affected. In a company, many people work towards one goal, if one of the employees is neglectful then others can not do their job right since they are affected by the said employee.

Clinical negligence is a term that can be relevant to the offense of a medical practitioner. Clinical negligence can occur when a doctor or other practitioner fails in diagnosing a condition that could be identified, or if they detect something incorrectly. The moment that a wrong treatment applied it is going to create a lot of fiascos in their field. Aside from what I have already mentioned another offense would be refusing to treat a condition. Clinical negligence is usually has something to do with personal injury both physical and emotional.

The doctors can be held for clinical negligence once that they fail or delay diagnosis, fail short in warning about the risks in the treatment, fail in obtaining proper consent to treatment, medication errors, careless surgical procedures and delayed referral to specialists. The hospitals, where the treatment took place is also part of the clinical negligence.

The patient entitled for a compensation if the disease was misdiagnosed or undiagnosed; the patient got treated with the wrong medicine; mistakes made throughout surgery by the doctor; or defective medical products used in the entire procedure. The patient concerned can claim for a clinical-negligence only when it has caused them physical or emotional pain or suffering. The patient cannot, however, claim for personal injuries, which does not affect their life like a small mark of a cut on their hand as a consequence of a surgery. For a winning successful personal injury claim, the patient needs advice of a competent personal injury solicitor and evidence of the injury that comes from a specialist doctor.

It is true that money can not pay for the emotional damage that the patient has undergone. However, the money can pay for the money spent on the operation and for seeking some help from a psychologist. The money would make the victim overcome the incident more quickly so that the patient could move on with his life.

The person who did not receive enough medical care suffers both in physical and emotional terms. He deserves to be remunerated for this enduring pain and frustration. Monetary reward for lost wages, loss of future earning means, and support of dependents and for emotional damages that patients have undergone such as stress and depression should be sought by the victim.

Clinical Negligence – offense on the medical field
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