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The iPad is the new handheld computing device that is larger than a smart phone but smaller than a laptop. The device lets user uses the existing applications (apps), a movie and music player, a photo display device, and an e-book reader, as well as instant access to the web. The graphics are elegant, and the touch screen can be use easily.

Can the iPad revolutionize how the clinical setting? The answer is no, but there is a chance that it will enlarge experience and supplies for nurses. How does the nursing integrate iPad into clinical? How can such technology enhance nursing education?

Below are the listed apps that can be used by nurses and nursing students.

  1. Healthcare applications. Currently, there are lots of applications available in the market. Nursing students can choose from acute to chronic illness, infectious diseases, A & P, medical calculations.There are free apps available, but some apps must be bought. An example would be a free A & P application. Moreover, describing the A & P, the said apps has case studies, questions and related links. This is useful throughout down clinical time. When the instructor is too busy with one student, the other student can review the application so that they could present a brief synopsis in post conference
  2. Videos for skills. A video is a fantastic way to store information. The nursing student can watch the video about a doctor operating on a patient.
  3. Reference materials. A lot of times, instructors put information on the college’s course management site. These are well researched reference materials offered to enhance student learning. The student has access about the information in clinical.
  4. Books. Nurses/nursing students has access to textbooks and other reference books. In today’s world, most of the student textbooks are available online. By using the Ipad, students can easily browse over some information about clinical facts.
  5. Web inquires. The iPad lets immediate access to the web and evidence based materials. Students do not have to wait until they got home just to look up for information.
  6. Interactive web sites. During down time, nurses/nursing students can use Ipad and search on interactive web sites to continue their education. Time could be spent that practice heart/lung sounds, assessment skills, blood gas interpretation, etc.

For faculty, the worry is security. A question could arise once inside the patient’s room like protecting the Ipad. The easiest way would be a have access to a locked area where the iPad can be safely stored.   It would also be advisable to purchase a pouch for the iPad. The iPad can be carried wherever the person goes. Inside the patient’s room, the Ipad holder can easily slide the pouch to their backside, underneath their lab coat. It keeps the iPad safe and out of the way.

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